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Prism Financial Planning, LLC

Helping people make good financial decisions so they can get on with their lives!

 After years as a mutual fund portfolio manager I decided to make the change to helping people with their investments on a one-on-one basis. Once I passed the CFP exam I began working for a fee-only investment advisor in Seattle, where I gained valuable experience. However, I could see a hole in the normal financial planning business model. Clients who had not yet accumulated enough manageable assets to meet many planners’ minimums could not get access to valuable financial advice.  Who was available to help these people?

To fill that void I created Prism Financial Planning, LLC, located in Issaquah, WA, where I offer comprehensive financial advice to my clients on an hourly basis.  My clients only pay for the financial advice they need, and nothing more.  Because I only offer my expertise, and never sell any products, my clients know they’re getting unbiased help with no conflicts of interest.  I’ve created the kind of company I would want to hire to help answer questions such as:

How best do I save for my child’s college tuition?

How much money do I need to save for retirement?

Which mutual funds should I invest in for my 401(k) plan?

Am I taking on too much (or too little) risk with my investments?

Am I adequately insured against life’s risks?

Do I need a will?

I’m getting a divorce…now what?

Am I doing all I should to ensure my financial well-being?

I invite you to look around this website to learn more about Prism Financial Planning, LLC, or call me at (425)641-5717 to discuss how I may help you.

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What will you do with your time not spent worrying about your finances…go puddle jumping?

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