I use the latest technology to make our “virtual” relationship work for you.

Welcome to Prism Financial Planning, LLC!

You may be a DIY Investor, but you occasionally need help from an expert you can trust.

I founded Prism Financial Planning, LLC in 2013 as a resource where people with varying degrees of financial knowledge can come for unbiased advice.

Whether you have no idea what a mutual fund really is or you have been trading stocks for years and have successfully managed your own investments, Prism can help you.

Prism Financial Planning, LLC, is located in Issaquah, WA, where I offer comprehensive financial advice to my clients on an hourly basis. My clients only pay for the financial advice they need, and nothing more. As a fiduciary I only offer my expertise, and never sell any products. Therefore, my clients know they're getting unbiased help with no conflicts of interest.

Peace of Mind

01. About Us

Prism was created to offer fiduciary financial planning services. I don’t sell anything but my knowledge and experience and only get paid based on my hourly rate.

02. Our Philosophy

There are many moving parts to a person’s finances. My goal is always to simplify wherever possible, but not at the expense of performance.

03. Our Process

Some clients hire me on a “project” basis, while I have an ongoing relationship with others. For all clients, however, we’re players on the same team with the goal of structuring their finances that is in their best interest.

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As a Certified Financial Planner ™ people often hire me because they have a vague sense that they should be doing something about their finances, but they’re not quite sure what that “something” is. Basically, they don’t know what they don’t know, and that scares them. A good financial planner will give specific advice to each client, depending on that client’s needs, values, and resources. However, I can make broad generalities of what a person...
Socially Responsible Investing is often shortened to “SRI” or more recently “ESG”. The “E” in ESG stands for Environment, the “S” stands for Social, and the “G” stands for Governance. SRI refers to using your investments to encourage behavior that is generally better for society in the long-run. This is done by only investing in companies that are good to their employees, are responsive and transparent to shareholders, doesn’t harm the environment, and doesn’t encourage...