Linda and Gary (both 35) have been married for 10 years, after meeting in college. Linda has always managed their investments and is quite comfortable doing so. They have two young boys, a recently purchased home, a small savings account, and 401(k) plans held at their respective places of employment.

Although Linda thinks she's doing a good job of managing their investments, she would like a second opinion. They also have questions surrounding how much they should be saving for their boys' college education as well as the best vehicle to do so. Although they're years away from retirement and are making regular contributions to their 401(k)s, they want to make sure they're saving enough.

Basically, Linda and Gary want someone to look at their lives and make sure they're currently making the correct decisions for a stable future.

Linda and Gary need a Comprehensive Financial Plan. After determining their life goals and values, I'll review their current investments, insurance products, and estate plan. I will utilize MoneyGuideOne software and Morningstar Advisor Workstation® in my analysis. From there I'll make recommendations as to how they can better reach their life goals.

In the end, they'll have a clear understanding of the financial path they're on, as well as the tools they'll need to change that path.