Beth has just started her career in landscape architecture. She doesn't have a family yet but hopes to someday and wants to plan for that eventuality. She currently rents an apartment but wants to own a home. She's slowly paying off her student loans. Although she has no other outstanding debt, she's having trouble saving after she pays her bills each month. She has begun contributing to a retirement account, but it still has a very small balance.

Beth doesn't feel she has enough assets to warrant paying for any financial advice.

While a full Financial Plan probably wouldn't be in her best interest, scheduling an appointment with Prism for Financial Consulting would. An evaluation of her current situation, followed by a discussion of her goals and values, will help paint the picture of what she'd like her life to look like. From there, we can create a game plan toward reaching her immediate goals (pay off student loans, save for down payment on a house) as well as appropriate investments for her expected future savings. We can also check to make sure that she's adequately insured against life's surprises. Once her immediate goals are addressed, we'll be able to work on her longer-term goals.