You can keep your investments where they currently are, if that is what you choose.

Do you have your 401(k) account with your current employer, another 401(k) at your previous employer, and your taxable brokerage account and Roth IRA elsewhere? When you work with Prism you can keep them right where they are, if that's what you want. Of course, I'll evaluate to see if you'd be better off by consolidating them in some way but it will be your choice of how you want to proceed. Most financial planners or advisors don't give you this flexibility. They require you to transfer all your assets which they will manage to their custodian. This makes sense since that is the only way they can make trades on your behalf, but it is still limiting.

You only pay for the services you require, and nothing more.

Most planners charge the same price for all clients, regardless of how much time each client takes to service. Clients who have complex tax, estate planning, and portfolio issues, insist on quarterly meetings, and are constantly sending emails that need to be responded to pay the same price to their planners as those with comparable assets, but who only come in once a year to rebalance their portfolio and never contact their advisor between meetings. Is that fair? No!

More investment options.

Your investment options are only limited by the place you keep your assets. If you keep all your assets with a broker, they can only offer to you investments which they sell. By keeping your assets at a discount brokerage (i.e. Schwab, Fidelity, Vanguard) you have a much larger set of investment choices. By working with Prism, where you can place your assets at the institution of your choosing, your investment options are limitless!