I believe…that everyone, not just the rich, will benefit from thoughtful financial planning.

Too many financial planners serve only high net worth clients, focusing on the unique needs the wealthy have. To paraphrase “Seinfeld”, while there’s nothing wrong with that, I chose to work with clients who may not have millions to invest, but who still want to make smart and informed financial decisions.

I believe…in a well-diversified portfolio consisting of mutual funds and ETFs, built within an asset allocation that matches your financial situation, temperament, and goals.

No-load mutual funds and low cost ETFs allow more of your money to be put to work for you. Investing in a diversified portfolio allows you to take part when a market is “hot” without putting all your eggs in one basket. I’ll find the correct allocation tailor-made for you so you feel confident you’re never taking more risk than you can handle.

I don’t believe…in attempting to time the market.

No one has been able to consistently get in and out of the market at the correct time, for any length of time. Choosing the correct asset allocation, and sticking with it, is the key to successful investing through all market cycles.

I believe…that the earlier you identify your financial goals, the easier they are to reach.

When you’re 55 it may be too late to buy that mountain cabin to be used as a second home in your retirement…especially when you have kids’ college degrees and weddings you still need to save for. But when you’re 35 and make that your goal, such a plan may be attainable.

I believe…that paying for financial planning on an hourly, fee-only basis is in the best interest of most clients.

By paying for my services in this manner you are assured that you are only paying for what you need, and nothing more. Additionally, another benefit of paying hourly for services rendered is that I have no conflict of interest regarding the products and services I recommend. You can have confidence knowing that if I recommend something to you, it is because I feel it is in your best interest. Being a CFP® means that I am a “fiduciary”. “Fiduciary” is a fancy word that means nothing more than I must act in your best interest, placing your interests above my own. It’s a simple concept, but a powerful one.