My rate is $300/hour. This is applied to all meetings and their preparation, as well as the research and creation of your Financial Plan. A Comprehensive Financial Plan usually costs between $3,000 to $5,100, depending on the size and complexity of the client's situation. Of course, I also offer parts of a Comprehensive Plan on an "a la carte" menu, where my $300/hour rate will also apply.

Do you currently work with a broker who gives you “free” financial planning?

You may think that you’re getting free advice, but most likely you’re paying much more than if you work with Prism. If you give a broker $100,000 to invest and they put you in mutual funds with an average sales load of 5%, that means you’re giving the broker $5,000 and he’s investing only $95,000 of your money. And that’s only the beginning of the fees and commissions he’ll be charging you over the years!

My goal is for the monetary benefits of creating your Financial Plan to more than offset the cost of my services.

Many people are hesitant to work with a financial planner because they're concerned about cost. However, have they considered the cost of not working with a planner? Poorly structured investment portfolios, attempts to out-smart the market, and misinformed decisions about college or estate planning are just a few mistakes individuals can make during their lifetime. I can help avoid those mistakes.

How do I do this? First off, by getting you out of mutual funds with high expense ratios and poor performance and recommending ones that meet my strict requirements. Second, by making sure that the location of your investment accounts optimize any tax benefits available. Third, by analyzing your entire financial situation in order to ensure you're not making any mistakes that could cost you down the road.