“Client First” means that I have your back.


I always work as a fiduciary to my clients. “Fiduciary” is a fancy word that means nothing more than I must act in your best interest, placing your interests above my own. It’s a simple concept, but a powerful one.

Whereas some brokers (who often call themselves “advisors”) may recommend investments to you, you can never be sure whether they’re in your best interest, or theirs. That’s because brokers are held to the “suitability standard” instead of the “fiduciary standard”. That means any investment they recommend must be suitable for you, but not necessarily the best available option. For example, they may recommend a small-cap fund that is suitable for you, given your risk profile, and pays the advisor a large commission. However, they aren’t required to recommend a better managed small-cap fund that charges lower expenses, which would be in your best interest.


I created Prism to eliminate any conflicts of interest, allowing me to offer unbiased advice to my clients. My compensation isn’t dependant on the investments I recommend. My compensation only comes from the hourly fee I charge. I never sell anything. I don’t sell investments. I don’t sell insurance. Nothing. You can have confidence knowing that if I recommend something to you, it is because I feel it is in your best interest.