Investment Review

What is an Investment Review?

Where a full Investment Plan evaluates your portfolio and then makes recommendations on how to improve it, an Investment Review only does a cursory evaluation of your portfolio. I’ll input your investments into Morningstar®, where I’ll evaluate your current asset allocation (i.e. stocks versus bonds) to determine how diversified you are, the fees you’re paying, and how well your investments perform versus other investment options.

When we meet, I’ll explain to you what I found, and point you in the right direction going forward. If you are currently working with another investment professional, I’ll supply you with questions you may want to ask them about their investment choices. If it appears your portfolio isn’t tax-efficient, I’ll explain steps you can take to make it so. If you’re wondering which type of account to invest future savings (i.e. 401k versus brokerage versus Roth, etc.), I’ll help you with that decision.

To be clear, I will not make any specific investment recommendations when I do an Investment Review.

Estimated time: 2 to 4 hours