Andrew and Noelle are both software engineers working at Microsoft and are in their early 30's. They each have salaries well into the six figures. They have been living way below their means as they used their excess income to pay off student loans (done!) and save for a down payment on a house (done!). They're now ready to begin saving aggressively for their future.

They need a Comprehensive Financial Plan without a Retirement Plan.

During their review, we'll map out their short- and long-term goals. From there, we'll develop a roadmap to reach those goals. We'll address the amount they plan to save, as well as the optimal accounts in which to save (i.e. 401k versus IRA versus brokerage versus bank). We'll list the mutual funds and ETFs they will invest in to create a well-diversified investment portfolio which will serve them well during any market environment. We'll limit the effects of any future calamities by reviewing their current insurance and wills/estate plans, and make adjustments as necessary.

Yearly checkups will make sure they continue to stay on track.

Time is on their side to make all their dreams come true. Prism can help them make smart choices now, which will get them on their way to a wonderful future!